Writing Prompt: Alphabet Soup - K

Alphabet Soup - K: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Alphabet Soup - K

Writing prompt Think of a person, place, or thing that begins with the letter 'K'. Now write a paragraph, a poem, or a short story about that person, place or thing.

Reminder: Each week through the summer months we will do a different letter of the alphabet. We will do them in order, so you can be thinking and planning ahead what you want to write about each week!

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Posted by Scribbler, Aug 3, 2008
Karen and I had a meeting of the minds, followed by a parting of the ways, with a little bit of hard feelings
Posted by Janee, Aug 7, 2008
A sonnet about a twig used as kindling to start a bonfire
Posted by Douglas, Aug 4, 2008
A poem about a kitchen sale
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Aug 9, 2008
The kronicle of Kandee, the Korpulent Kween of Kalico Kats
Posted by murki, Aug 4, 2008
The weighty matters of the kingdom
Posted by Ferdinand, Aug 5, 2008
What's in a Kiss?
Posted by vessels, Aug 5, 2008
kindness unrewarded
Posted by ashamed1, Jun 26, 2009
A guy named K
Posted by wyrd1, Aug 8, 2008
A haiku starting with "K"
Posted by clayman, Aug 7, 2008

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