Writing Prompt: The Mountain Peak

The Mountain Peak: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: The Mountain Peak

Writing prompt You've been hiking all morning, and have just reached the peak of the mountain.

Describe what you see when you look around.

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A group of hikers spend the morning climbing Dudley's Peak, and receive a shock at the summit.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 8, 2007
A little girl goes on a hiking trip with her mommy and daddy.
Posted by Hope Sinks, Oct 9, 2007
What I discovered when I reached the peak of Mount Everest is something that will shock you all!
Posted by Milton, Oct 12, 2007
This was written for the Mountain Peak prompt.
Posted by reneep31, Oct 8, 2007
For the mountain peak writing prompt. A single strong tree at the top of a mountain
Posted by juuji, Oct 11, 2007
another joke
Posted by ashamed1, Dec 24, 2008
The Mountain Peak prompt
Posted by Daisy, Aug 11, 2009
a story about my journy up the mountian
Posted by death_shadow, Oct 9, 2007
A quick little story about a small entourage of hikers. Twist/interesting ending involved.
Posted by Angela, Oct 8, 2007
FluffyFoo hikes a mountain and gets eaten by a bear
Posted by fluffyfoo, Oct 13, 2007
Hikers eating and smoking and drinking on the mountain
Posted by FrodoLives, Oct 8, 2007
A short description of a the view from the top of a mountain on a damp, gray day.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 7, 2007
Description of a mountain peak, with ice on the trees and rocks
Posted by Janee, Oct 7, 2007
A mini story that vaguely resembles an experience I had hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Posted by LinzV, Nov 4, 2010

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