Writing Prompt: Happy Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day?: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Happy Valentines Day?

Writing prompt Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Valentine's Day is this week! Have you got your Valentine's cards written and mailed?

Write a story about an elementary school student giving a Valentine's card. Who is he (she) giving it to? What does it say? How does the child feel about Valentine's Day?

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A little girl's friendly advances go unappreciated.
Posted by Aimster du Clarkentine, Feb 11, 2008
Not a love story, do not read if you were looking for romance
Posted by Sylavash, Feb 14, 2008
Mrs. Ellemayer suffers the torture of reading her students' valentines cards.
Posted by Janee, Feb 10, 2008
a little late.
Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Feb 18, 2008
An old time Valentine
Posted by Trent, Feb 12, 2008
True valentines feelings can't always be reveiled.
Posted by Claire, Feb 13, 2008
Delia is in the garden, weeding the rows of vegetables, when mother calls her for supper
Posted by Douglas, Feb 14, 2008
a poem to describe the feelings i could never verbalize
Posted by krysfic13, Nov 8, 2010

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