Writing Prompt: A Fibonacci Poem

A Fibonacci Poem: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: A Fibonacci Poem

Writing prompt A Fibonacci Poem (or 'Fib') is similar to a Haiku; the poem's structure is based on the number of syllables per line.

There are six lines in a Fib. The number of syllables per line is: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8.

Here's an example poem:

Rows (1 syllable)
Of (1 syllable)
Silent (2 syllables)
Silhouettes (3 syllables)
Awaiting the sun - (5 syllables)
A golden knife, slicing the gloom (8 syllables)

Write a Fibonacci Poem about any subject you choose.

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Cadillac Mountain Sunrise is an eerie moment, with rows of people standing in silence
Posted by Douglas, Sep 29, 2007
A Lovely Fib Poem
Posted by Angela, Oct 1, 2007
Time does a lot of things. It flies, it stands still, it brings both healing and decay
Posted by Sammie Jo, Sep 30, 2007
Fibonacci Poem - a green sheet of paper with President Lincoln isn't worth much!
Posted by YellowFellow, Sep 29, 2007
Posted by reneep31, Oct 4, 2007
A Fibonacci poem
Posted by Lynnde, Oct 1, 2007
A gentle touch can do much to turn away grief and sorrow.
Posted by Milton, Oct 6, 2007
About friends
Posted by snapper, Apr 23, 2008
a cat
Posted by outgoing, Apr 23, 2008
Love Poem
Posted by Kandi, Sep 30, 2007
A Fibonacci Poem
Posted by Daisy, Aug 11, 2009
A poem about dreams, hopes, unicorns and mystical lands
Posted by Hope Sinks, Oct 2, 2007
Fibonacci Poem about a locked treasure chest
Posted by Kayla, Oct 5, 2007
A first stab at writing for many years, and also a first post here
Posted by DerekLomax, Oct 3, 2007
A Fibonacci poem about keeping my teeth clean
Posted by Mudblood, Oct 1, 2007
First time!!!
Posted by helena, Oct 3, 2007
Fibonacci Poem about birth, death, and all of life between
Posted by Janee, Oct 2, 2007
my love ;o]
Posted by ashamed1, Dec 24, 2008

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