Writing Prompt: My Campaign Speech

My Campaign Speech: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: My Campaign Speech

Writing prompt People who are running in an election must be prepared to make speeches. If you were going to run for an office, what office would it be? How would you present your campaign to voters?

Write a short speech that you would present while on the campaign trail.

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Haha! Bet this isn't what you're expecting...
Posted by Josiah T., Oct 18, 2007
If I elected, I promise to never lie, I promise to reform our social security, and improve our working conditions and wages. And one more thing.
Posted by Michael K, Oct 14, 2007
Negative Ad Campaigns really bother me. Even more than social security, welfare, foreign policy, etc.
Posted by juuji, Oct 15, 2007
My campaign promise. It is time for a change. It is time for our rulers to stop interfering in our lives.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 14, 2007
I'm leading the polls by twenty percent, and it's a week from election. This is what I have to say.
Posted by Hope Sinks, Oct 19, 2007
i wish lol
Posted by ashamed1, Dec 24, 2008
I think our govermnet is too big. We need to cut back the beurocracies.
Posted by Teddy, Oct 18, 2007
A plausible but highly unpossible situtation that may or may not occur at a campaign speech.
Posted by Angela, Oct 18, 2007
A poem describing what I would do, if I was king of the world.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 16, 2007
what I would say in my speech and what I would do.
Posted by death_shadow, Oct 15, 2007
This is what I would say if I was running for class president at my school
Posted by phony, Oct 16, 2007

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