Writing Prompt: A Little Fantasy

A Little Fantasy: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: A Little Fantasy

Writing prompt Great fantasy writing often has strange, mystical creatures such as unicorns, fauns, centaurs, and many more.

Invent and describe your own fantasy creature. Try to create something different from any fantasy creature you've read about in books or seen in movies.

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I know everything that is knowable, from the galaxies and stars to the trees and insects.
Posted by Michael K, Feb 6, 2008
Grandfather explains to grandson about a mythical race of creatuers.
Posted by Angela, Feb 5, 2008
A symbiotic relationship between the humans and a race of elegant creatures which inhabit the earth with us.
Posted by Janee, Feb 5, 2008
The story of what happened when I sat down to write my third fantasy novel
Posted by Milton, Feb 9, 2008
A creature that is ugly and vile, and whose digits are a bit peculiar
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Feb 8, 2008
"Master, tell us the story once again.Tell us the story of men with wings"
Posted by Estrella LeMar, Feb 6, 2008
The scout leader tells the boys the dire story of a cruel and fearsome creature that lives in the woods
Posted by Douglas, Feb 4, 2008
Vel, a teller of tall tales, informs his traveling companion about a race of ancient beings that may or may not exist.
Posted by DB, Dec 20, 2009
This is not like the rest of the prompt.
Posted by Mathax, Feb 6, 2008

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