Writing Prompt: The Unexpected Test

The Unexpected Test: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: The Unexpected Test

Writing prompt Have you ever walked into a classroom having completely forgotten that you had a major test that day?

Write a story (or story fragment) about a student who has this experience.

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Sheila is unsure how she feels about her test results after taking a test she wasn't planning on.
Posted by Janee, Jan 18, 2008
Tristan gets tricked.
Posted by Katie, Jan 14, 2008
Senioritis - you've suffered through elementary school, middle school and high school, now you just want to quit your senior year.
Posted by Douglas, Jan 13, 2008
Student suffers from bad luck on test day
Posted by Angela, Jan 15, 2008
I forget I had a math test. And my math teacher is mean.
Posted by Josiah T., Jan 14, 2008
An educational program open to only seven students nationwide. And I was one of them
Posted by Michael K, Jan 14, 2008
who would've thought we'd actually appreciate sectionals
Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Jan 19, 2008
The Unexpected Test prompt
Posted by Daisy, Aug 13, 2009
my first try at the writing prompt
Posted by Sylavash, Jan 13, 2008
This is in respose for the writing prompt, the Unexpected test
Posted by Mathax, Jan 16, 2008

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