Recent Gallery, and 'My Tasks' Page

Two new pages on the site: a gallery of recent posts, and a page that shows your pending tasks.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 5, 2007


Recent Gallery, and 'My Tasks' Page

Posted by Douglas, Oct 5, 2007
This post was written in 10 minutes.

I'd like to start off by saying "WELCOME" to some more new members this week; several people have joined and tried out the Fibonacci Writing Prompt. Don't forget that on Sunday a new writing prompt will be posted. Your next prompt will be prose instead of poetry!

Now for the real news. There are a couple new pages added to the site.

First, if you visit the Gallery page, in addition to finding the posts that I've chosen to feature, you'll also see a new link to a Recent Gallery. This page shows some of the recently added writings on the site. Please note that this page runs about 24 hours behind real time. In other words, if you post something at 9:30 this evening, you won't see it on the "Recent" page until 9:30 tomorrow evening.

The other new item on the site is the "My Tasks" page, which you probably noticed when you came onto the site today. The "My Tasks" page will appear when you login, if you have pending tasks on the site. Pending tasks are things like:
  1. Neighborhood Requests that you need to Accept or Reject
  2. Pending Comments you need to Accept or Reject
  3. New items in the News Blog that you haven't yet read

If you have instructed the site to "remember you", then you never log in, which means you won't see the "My Tasks" page automatically. However, if you do have pending tasks in your account, you'll see the "shovel" icon on your "My Writing" page:

Posted by Douglas, Oct 5, 2007

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