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Posted by Douglas, Mar 6, 2008


News For Teachers And Writers

Posted by Douglas, Mar 6, 2008
This post was written in 12 minutes.

A few quick updates on the site. First, for the TEACHERS using the "Assignment" feature on the site, I notice that more and more students are using the "Anonymous" writing option, and as I was trying to do a little debugging this week I noticed that when you finish writing anonymously, you get kicked back to the home page. This was poor planning on my part, since those who post anonymously don't get any feedback that their assignment was actually submitted.

This has been rectified. Now when a student submits an essay anonymously, they are sent to this page: Assignment Complete. This page will tell them their assignment has been submitted to the teacher, followed by all the information you see when you look at that page.

For teachers who are wondering about letting students browse the site, rest assured that the site is carefully moderated, and writing which is not appropriate for all ages is removed from the site.

For MEMBERS who like to do the writing prompt each week, I see that many of you are taking my advice and spending more time proofreading your work instead of spending as much time on adding new pieces - there have only been two submissions to the writing prompt so far this week! I'm planning to leave that prompt up for a second week, so don't feel you have to rush getting it done.

ANTHOLOGY NEWS: The editorial staff has been finalized. Soon I will post an entry introducing you to the four editors of the 2007 Anthology, and give you the timeline for how the anthology will be put together.

Posted by Douglas, Mar 6, 2008

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