Get My Own URL

Set up your own URL on the Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction website.
Posted by Douglas, Mar 5, 2008


Get My Own URL

Posted by Douglas, Mar 5, 2008
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If you have been a member on the site for at least 30 days, and have posted at least 5 pieces of writing that are visible to the public, when you visit your member page today you will see a new link. That link is: "Get My Own URL".

Click on that and you'll be able to set up your very own folder (directory) on the site. For example, Jeorge's writing is now found at:

Instead of:

Is it necessary to have your own folder? No, it's not. Why would you want to have your own folder? There are a few reasons.

  1. It's a whole lot easier to tell your friends where to find your writing
  2. Search engines don't like pages with funny things like "wid=3" at the end of them, so in the long run, getting your own directory will help more people discover your writing
  3. You may have noticed that the "Feed" icon has disappeared from your member page. That feed icon was what people used to subscribe to your writing if they aren't a member on the site. Now that feed icon is only available if you have your own URL

The feature has been tested out by myself and a couple other members, so now it's available for others. I will be at my computer all day today, so if you have any problem with this new feature, fire off an email to me so I can help you work through it.

Posted by Douglas, Mar 5, 2008


Mar 5, 2008
I just did it and far as I can tell it worked right.
   ~Posted by Milton, Mar 5, 2008
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