More About The FMOF Anthology

Information pertaining to the 2007-2008 Fifteen Minute Anthology. Getting ready for print.
Posted by Douglas, Mar 2, 2008


More About The FMOF Anthology

Posted by Douglas, Mar 2, 2008
This post was written in 12 minutes.

I'm getting more and more excited about the print anthology of FMOF - with the wide variety of excellent poems and stories on the site, I think we're going to produce a book that will be a delight for anyone to read!

The editorial staff for this project is starting to come together; soon I will introduce you to them, and we'll begin the process of selecting writing for the anthology.

While you're waiting, I have a couple more things for you to think about.

Editing Tips
1. Copy and paste your stories/poems into a word processor to see what the spell checker and grammar checker says about them.

2. If you aren't putting a space between your paragraphs, go back and add in a space between each paragraph. Items which do not have a line space between paragraphs will NOT be considered for publication in the anthology.

3. If you put extra line breaks in your work (most likely reason for this would be if you paste your writing in from a word processor or notepad), please remove those line breaks. Items with extraneous line breaks throughout the piece will NOT be considered for publication in the anthology.

4. I know a lot of you are posting new pieces at a rate of three or four pieces per week, which is great, but (much as it pains me to say this) I'd encourage you to take a break from writing new material and spend a week or two reading through your previous writings to see how you can improve them!

5. As some have already done, make use of the community of writers by posting requests for editing advice in the Discussion Forum.

Serial Writing
As a general rule, the anthology will not contain serial writing. However, if there is a single "episode" in your serial writing which is entirely self contained and can stand alone, it might be considered. Want an example? One of the very first things I wrote for this site was a rather silly series titled "My Pet Rock". Each section told a little bit more about my pet rock, so all together they told a story. HOWEVER, the very first piece (Gregory) stands on its own and is complete, even without additional chapters. So, that one episode could be eligible to be part of the anthology. Another example would be Rabbit Stu's series of poems about beauty. Each one stands on its own. One more example would be Katie's I Don't Know Any Better; it is part of a series about life at a store, but it looks to me like each episode will be essentially independent of the others.

If you are doing a lot of serial writing, but you hope to have part of it published in the anthology, I would encourage you to find an episode that you can make self contained, and re-work it make sure it is not dependant on any other section of the story.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss the anthology, make a visit to the Discussion Forum!

Posted by Douglas, Mar 2, 2008

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