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Posted by Douglas, Feb 27, 2008


Discussion Forum, Advice For Writers

Posted by Douglas, Feb 27, 2008
This post was written in 10 minutes.

This morning I want to write a poem about how beautiful the snow is on the tree branches, but instead I'm writing a blog entry. Oh well...

Discussion Forum

I wanted to let you know that we DO have a discussion forum now - you can find it by clicking the "Forum" link at the top of any page. (This has replaced the "Search" link, which has now moved to the bottom of the page).

The forum was thrown together rather quickly in the last day and a half, so there may be bugs in it. Nice thing is, there's now a "Bugs" forum to report bugs. Let me know of any problems you experience.

Unlike many forums, this forum does not use "Forum Code". Instead, it uses the same HTML formatting tags that your writing uses.

Be sure to visit the "Chain Stories" section of the forum, and add your two cents to the story I've started...but read the instructions first!

Advice And Reminders

A big welcome to new members on the site; we had quite an influx of new members in the last week. Here are a few pieces of advice for you:

1. Get involved in reading other people's writings, and commenting on it - if you don't get involved with others, they may not even notice your writing!

2. Don't forget to put a space between each paragraph. For internet reading, leaving out that space makes your writing look cluttered and overwhelming. Many of us don't even bother reading writing which doesn't have line space between paragraphs!

3. Along those lines, don't forget that you can go back and edit pieces you've already written - go to your member page and click the PEN icon next to the writing you want to edit.

4. Use the "comment" feature if you want to comment directly on a piece of writing (give advice, encouragement, kudos). If your comment is not directly about the writing itself, visit the member's profile page and use the "send message" feature to contact the author - that way the message will show up on their profile page, and not on their writing page.

Posted by Douglas, Feb 27, 2008

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