No April Fool!

National Poetry Writing Month at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction
Posted by Douglas, Apr 1, 2014


No April Fool!

Posted by Douglas, Apr 1, 2014
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This blog post was actually written by my co-administrator, Laura.

It's no April Fool - today is the first day of National Poetry Writing Month. We have prepared some poetry-themed writing prompts for each week of this month (and will pick back up with your suggestions in May), so come back each Sunday to get your poetry on! If you haven't already, sign up to receive the writing prompt in an e-mail each week. This can be done by visiting the writing prompt page and clicking "Receive writing prompts by e-mail." (Or you can select the "Options" link on your writing page, and then visiting "My Profile." The option to receive the writing prompt in e-mail is a check box down near the bottom.)

This month, some people choose to celebrate by committing to writing at least one poem every day, no matter how terrible. If you're looking for additional prompts on a more-than-weekly basis, check out National Poetry Writing Month. We also have some articles written about some of the basic terms and tenets of poetry.

If you're looking to do some reading for inspiration, you can start right here at FMoF. If you feel like looking back through previous writing prompts, you can do that here.

If writing poetry isn't your thing, or you want to do some more reading before deciding whether to give it a go, is a wonderful resource.

Good luck, and have fun! Don't be afraid to try something you've never tried before.

Posted by Douglas, Apr 1, 2014


Jan 27, 2015
Thank you.
   ~Posted by Topazshell, Jan 27, 2015
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