Incompetent Hosting Service

Oh, the frustrations of managing a website
Posted by Douglas, Nov 7, 2013


Incompetent Hosting Service

Posted by Douglas, Nov 7, 2013
This post was written in 7 minutes.

You may have noticed that the site reverted back to its pre-update state. Back to the old sidebar. Back to the old ad layout. Back to the old fonts.

You may also have noticed that for some of you, your newest writings can't be viewed.

We didn't do this.

This was the incompetence of GoDaddy*, which reset the site to its state about a month ago, without warning or notice.

I've re-uploaded all the changes, and re-created your missing pages, so everything should be back to normal at this point. Please poke around a bit, and see if you notice any problems or missing pages!


* Several of our sites have been transferred to other hosts, due to the utter incompetence of the hosting service. Eventually FMOF will get transferred as well, but in the meantime, thank you for your patience as we deal with this issue.

Posted by Douglas, Nov 7, 2013

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