Updated Site Design

Changes made to the Fifteen Minutes of Fiction website layout.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 25, 2013


Updated Site Design

Posted by Douglas, Oct 25, 2013
This post was written in 9 minutes.

As you might have noticed, things look a little bit different here at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction today. I'd like to take a moment of your time to point out some of those changes.

1. One of the most dramatic changes is that we've removed the vertical ads from the left-hand side of the screen, and replaced them with horizontal ads scattered throughout the text of the site. The purpose is to give the site a more open feel, with more horizontal space open for your actual writing.

2. You'll hopefully notice some new "sharing" buttons - facebook, twitter, etc. down the left side of the window, plus "recommended for you" links when you scroll down to the bottom. These should help you find new things to read on the site, plus share your favorites with your friends on facebook and other social media sites.

3. The font has been enlarged, both in the main content area and the sidebar. Especially the sidebar. Now that sidebar is actually legible!

4. When you click My Page, you will see a new link called Tools, which is a page of recommended tools for writers. You'll want to check that out.

5. Visit the site in a mobile device, and you shouldn't have to use zoom features to comfortably view the site.

It may take a day or two to get used to the new layout, but we're confident that once you adjust to the changes, you'll find that they provide a much more comfortable working environment.

Posted by Douglas, Oct 25, 2013

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