Site Upgrades

Some small tweaks coming to the structure of FMOF
Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2013


Site Upgrades

Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2013
This post was written in 4 minutes.

We're in the process of doing some updates on the structure of the Fifteen Minutes of Fiction website. You should not think of this as a major overhaul, but as a bit of tweaking here and there. When we're done, the site will be much more easily accessible from mobile devices, and a few aesthetic issues will be tweaked.

Although it's not a major overhaul, while I'm in the process of making modifications, I thought I'd ask: are there any things about the way the site is structured that you'd like to see changed? I'd love to hear feedback (although, if you have *grand* ideas, they may have to wait until I do a more serious overhaul of the site).

If you have any suggestions to improve the way things work around here, please drop me a note!


Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2013

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