DIP Spam Again?

More 'publishers' try to get business by spamming our members
Posted by Douglas, Mar 28, 2013


DIP Spam Again?

Posted by Douglas, Mar 28, 2013
This post was written in 7 minutes.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to our readers for the spam message that came through to many of your profiles*. Once again, someone has spammed our users to try to advertise a "publishing" service called DIP (I think it's interesting that their logo is DIPRESS, which - I suppose - would be pronounced "depress," and that their FAQ page appears not to have been proofread for grammatical mistakes!).

Every time someone spams our members begging you for your business, we'll remind you again that doing business with someone so desperate for business that they have to spam people...

Well, let's just say we don't recommend it!

* We deleted the spam and banned the member, so if you never saw that message, that may be why!

Posted by Douglas, Mar 28, 2013


Mar 30, 2013

Sounds like it should be a joke like The Art of Demotivation.

Thanks for watching out for us Douglas.
   ~Posted by Trent, Mar 30, 2013

Apr 8, 2013
I was not aware of it. Crime does not pay(Spoken from a former amatuer theif) i hear about a lot of scams these days. i used to be an amateur thief i must admit, but one day I was sitting in church and my pastor said, "The main reason God does not want you to steal, is because he wants you to rely on him as your sole provider. and he wants to keep you guessing as to how he's going to do it." ever since then, God has taken care of me. No, I'm not perfect. I live day to day and do the best i can. a criminal is someone who is too dumb to do anything else. Spoken from experience!
   ~Posted by MarkHudson, Apr 8, 2013
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