Whoops! I Forgot!

A small but important tweak to the Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction website
Posted by Douglas, Feb 14, 2008


Whoops! I Forgot!

Posted by Douglas, Feb 14, 2008
This post was written in 6 minutes.

I know I said in my previous blog entry that the next round of updates was going to happen in March, but I had something pointed out to me twice in the last twenty four hours (what are the odds???) that I felt needed to be added.

The site had no "I forgot my password" link. :-/

That oversight has now been remedied. If you visit the login page, you will see that link. So, if you have any friends who have wandered from the fold because they couldn't log in, let them know that they can now recover their information.

And, while you're waiting for the next round of updates, don't forget that you can visit the previous blog post to make suggestions for site upgrades.

Posted by Douglas, Feb 14, 2008

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