Site Upgrades and New Features Coming Soon?

Site upgrades at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction, including posting notices, a discussion forum, user directories, and streamlining some member features
Posted by Douglas, Feb 5, 2008


Site Upgrades and New Features Coming Soon?

Posted by Douglas, Feb 5, 2008
This post was written in 12 minutes.

If you missed out on the news posting about the upcoming Anthology from FMOF, please click here: About The Anthology. Don't forget to continue thinking about which pieces are your very best, and working to make them even better!

I'm hoping next month (March) to put in some time adding some new features to this site, so here's your opportunity to make suggestions.

Here are some of the things I'm hoping to add (though not all of them will make it in this round, I'm sure)...

1. Ability to post a notice. This will be different from regular writing in the following ways: It will only be visible to people in your reading list, and it will disappear after a couple weeks. You would use this feature if you wanted to tell people "Hey, I made some major revisions on such-and-such...please read it again and tell me what you think of the changes" or "I'm going on vacation for a month, but don't worry, I'll be back!"

2. For members who have at least ten pieces of writing on the site, I hope to offer the ability to have your own directory on the site (for example:

3. A discussion forum.

4. Allow people to change neighbor options while accepting/rejecting another member's comment.

5. Allow people to simultaneously post a comment and star an item.

If you have ideas, let me hear them! I don't promise I'll add in your suggestion - even if I like it, I may not have time at the moment to work on it. But if you don't tell me your ideas, it's certain I won't use them! :)


Posted by Douglas, Feb 5, 2008


Josiah T.
Feb 5, 2008
haha! I was going to suggest a forum, but never got around to it...
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Feb 5, 2008

Aimster du Clarkentine
Feb 5, 2008
I and another user were discussing our desire for font possibilities on here, especially italics. I've had to re-format what I wrote beforehand when I put it on my page because there weren't italics. Having them would be so great!
   ~Posted by Aimster du Clarkentine, Feb 5, 2008

Feb 5, 2008
Hi, I posted a message to your member page explaining how to do italics, bold, underscore!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Feb 5, 2008
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