Fiction Anthology 2007 - 2008

Fiction Anthology 2007 - 2008: An anthology of the best works of fiction at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction
Posted by Douglas, Jan 22, 2008


Fiction Anthology 2007 - 2008

Posted by Douglas, Jan 22, 2008
This post was written in 24 minutes.

I've been delighted, in the last few months, to see how this site has grown, and how many very creative people have joined the site, adding their own blend of humor, contemplation, rhythm and rhyme into the mix.

So delighted, in fact, that I'm starting to think about putting together a print anthology of the very best writing on the site from 2007 - 2008.

I won't begin the process of compiling an anthology for several months, so don't get your hopes up; it won't be available until the fall. But I wanted to give you a "heads up" so you can be thinking about/working on the following:

1. What do you think are your very best pieces of writing on the site? Would you like to see them published in the anthology?

2. What can you do to improve the quality of those writings and make them even better? (Don't forget that on your Writing Page, the pen icon lets you edit what you've written!)

3. If you spend most of your writing time working on Serial Writing (a single story that spans multiple entries) you should be aware that I don't plan to include very much Serial Writing, so you should also think about writing some compact, self-contained writings.

4. I know that someone will ask "Will we get paid if our writing is included?" and the answer is "Sorry, no."

5. Both poetry and prose will be considered.

When I actually start the process of compiling the anthology, here is (roughly) how it'll work.

1. I expect to ask a few of the "regular" writers on the site to act as quasi-editors, searching the site for "really good" writing and recommending it for the anthology.

2. Any writing which is in the featured gallery will automatically be considered for publication.

3. I will ask members who are interested in being included in the anthology to send me a list of what they consider to be their best 3 entries. If I really like your writing, I may then ask you if you have others you would like to have considered for publication.

4. Once I've compiled the list of authors and pieces to be included in the anthology, I will send out an email to the selected authors. That email will contain a form for you to sign and mail back, granting non-exclusive permission for the selected works to be included in the print anthology.

5. In theory, the anthology will be finished in time for people to buy copies as Christmas presents for friends/family.

Any questions? Just ask! And keep up the good work...keep on writing! :)

Posted by Douglas, Jan 22, 2008


Jan 22, 2008
What a great idea! :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Jan 22, 2008
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