Happy Thanksgiving!

A short blog post about Thanksgiving
Posted by Douglas, Nov 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Douglas, Nov 24, 2010
This post was written in 6 minutes.

I haven't posted anything in the FMOF blog in a while; in fact, I haven't posted much at all lately. But I've been enjoying reading some great posts lately, both from our long-time members, and from out newer members on the site. Keep up the great writing; you get better at writing by doing lots of writing!

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day. There are so many things in this life that we can be thankful for, if we simply open our eyes to the wondrous blessings that fill our lives.

Enjoy your time with family and friends...and keep writing!

Doug Twitchell
FMOF Admin

Posted by Douglas, Nov 24, 2010


Dec 9, 2010
In spite of the date difference (Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October...usually before it's turned nasty outside, though not always), I do appreciate your short and truthful commentary. My only wish would be that this past Thanksgiving I had had a family with whom I could have celebrated. But alas, I am the last surviving member.

There are indeed many wondrous blessings which fill our lives; at least one of which I hope to post here in the not-so-distant future. 'Tis a story from my own past that changed my life forever.

   ~Posted by CdnGhost, Dec 9, 2010
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