Articles on Creative Writing Topics

News - there is a new section at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction: articles about creative writing.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 3, 2010


Articles on Creative Writing Topics

Posted by Douglas, Oct 3, 2010
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You may have noticed that there is a new menu option at the top of the page here at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction. The new menu, Articles is a place where you can get information about creative writing.

This new section of the site includes a wealth of information about poetry, including several different forms (Sonnets, Villanelles, Haiku, etc.). You can also find grammar help, punctuation help, and tips on choosing the right word when faced with confusing choices like "there", "their", and "they're". In addition, there is a directory with some suggested resources (both print and online) for writers.

Take some time to check out these articles, written by the moderator staff on this site. If you have additional topics you would like us to address, please drop me a note!

Posted by Douglas, Oct 3, 2010


R. Wesley Lovil
Oct 3, 2010
It looks like an excellent reference source, thank you
   ~Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 3, 2010

Oct 4, 2010
I agree.
   ~Posted by MarkHudson, Oct 4, 2010
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