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Adding writing to your facebook by clicking like.
Posted by Douglas, Aug 2, 2010


Facebook Like

Posted by Douglas, Aug 2, 2010
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Until recently, there were three basic ways you could interact with someone's writing on this site: you could comment on it, you could give it stars (if you liked it), or mark it as a favorite, if you really liked it.

Now there is a fourth way of interacting with a piece of writing; at the bottom of each piece of writing, there is now a "Facebook Like" button. If you are a facebook member, you can quickly and easily share a piece of writing with your non FMOF friends just by clicking the link.

If you also add a comment to your "like", the link will appear in your friends' newsfeeds more prominently, as though you had added a "link" to your facebook profile.

This fourth way of interacting with writing is different from the others, because it is available to people who are not fmof members.

Please feel free to try this feature out; find some of your favorite pieces and click the "Like" link to add them to your facebook page. Also, please drop me a note if you have any problems using this feature!

Posted by Douglas, Aug 2, 2010

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