Clerihew, Moderator, Poetry Exercises

Information about Clerihew Poems, the new FMOF moderator, and the poetry exercises in the forum
Posted by Douglas, Jul 10, 2010


Clerihew, Moderator, Poetry Exercises

Posted by Douglas, Jul 10, 2010
This post was written in 12 minutes.

I have three items of business this morning:

Happy Clerihew Day!

A Clerihew is a short poem designed to give real/imagined biographical information about a famous historical personage. The rules of writing a Clerihew are as follows...

1. The first line should contain the famous person's name. Preferably situated at the end of the line, so the rhyme builds off the person's name.

2. The poem has 4 lines, with a rhyme scheme AABB.

3. The only meter rule is that the rhyming pairs can't have the same meter/length. In other words, you should deliberately make sure that the first and second lines do not have the same number of accented syllables. The same with the third and fourth lines.

4. Have fun with the rhymes. Under normal circumstances, you want your rhymes to be subtle, and not stand out like a sore thumb, but here you want them to be as noticeable as a Doctor Seuss rhyme or an Ogden Nash rhyme!

Want an example? Here's one: Abe Lincoln: A Clerihew. Here's another: Reverend Spooner: A Clerihew.

Since it's Clerihew Day, you should give it a try. They're fun and easy!

A New Moderator

We've temporarily added a new member to the moderator team at FMOF. We welcome pastorjon to the team. For much of the coming week, I will be out of touch with the site because I'm the camp pastor for a wilderness camp. Wilderness = not much internet access. Pastor Jon will be filling the gap for the week.

Poetry Exercises

Not only will I be away this week, but my other poet-moderator (Laura) is also limited on her internet time this week, so we are not adding any new poetry exercises this week. While you wait for a new exercise, feel free to go back and add to the existing threads. If you haven't been following along with the exercises, it's okay to start now! You can find the poetry exercises in the "All About Writing" section of the Forum.

Posted by Douglas, Jul 10, 2010


R. Wesley Lovil
Jul 10, 2010
He was King of the cowboys and all called him Roy
He was my hero when I was a boy
Well Roy Rogers and Trigger are both gone today
And both will be missed is what I say

   ~Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jul 10, 2010
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