The Christmas Writing Prompts!

The Christmas Writing Prompts have been generating a lot of attention - be sure to do these each week!
Posted by Douglas, Dec 1, 2007


The Christmas Writing Prompts!

Posted by Douglas, Dec 1, 2007
This post was written in 17 minutes.

Good morning! before I get into talking about this week's Writing Prompt responses, I wanted to mention a new feature I added last week, and forgot to point out. If you click "My Neighbors", and then "My Subscribers", in addition to seeing who has subscribed to your writing, you can also see which of your pieces of writing have been marked as favorites by other members.

Also, I wanted to mention, I've been surprised by the number of people who have stumbled onto this site because they were looking for "Christmas Writing Prompts". So, if you want people to read your writing, be sure to do the writing prompts this month; they're generating a lot of attention!

Also, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my father today! And no, I'm not telling you how old he is. :)

Christmas Writing Prompt #1

Many of you took the "surprise ending" route on this week's "Christmas Story" writing prompt. That sort of story really seems to work well for the short time frame most of us are operating in. I especially enjoyed these: Christmas Story and Christmas In A Big Family. The "Big Family" piece was by new member Philly whose piece was very short, but had a clever twist at the end.

Both Janee and Kenzie Fell Down took a much more serious route, dealing with issues like war, homesickness, addiction and abuse. You can find those posts here: Christmas In Iraq and The result of too many depressing songs.. Interesting that both of these writers chose to use the format of a letter to deal with the serious issues! Nicely done, both of you!

Finally, new member EHaze has turned this week's writing prompt into a writing series which has two parts already, and may end up having more before it's finished. You can find the first one here: Christmas Gone Wrong.

Well done, everyone!

Christmas Writing Prompts #2 and #3

I know this is a busy time of year, and finding a few moments to write is a challenge. But the next two writing prompts are quite easy, and you should be able to do them without having to put in a lot of thought beforehand.

Christmas Writing Prompt #4

I have to warn you, however, that the following writing prompt will be a bit more challenging, because it deals with a very serious topic...what it would be like to be homeless on Christmas. I hope that between now and when that prompt is posted, you'll take some time to think about that, and be prepared to write something!

Posted by Douglas, Dec 1, 2007

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