Thanksgiving, Family, Faith, and Christmas

Thanksgiving writing prompt included poems about family, and poems about faith. Now Christmas is on the way.
Posted by Douglas, Nov 24, 2007


Thanksgiving, Family, Faith, and Christmas

Posted by Douglas, Nov 24, 2007
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It was very interesting to see how many of the writing prompt responses this week broke down into two common themes (with the exception of me and Rabbit Stu - we don't seem to fit in!).

The Importance Of Family

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise - this season of year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas is a time that we naturally gravitate toward thinking about family. Several of this week's poems spoke in one way or another about family. Particularly, I would direct your attention to In A World, There's Something Quite Special and Thankful Free Verse (that last one is by a relatively new member on the site: Kenzie Fell Down).

Religious Themes

Take note of Thankful, which talks about the love of God, and Paradise Lost (by brand new writer Mercy), which is actually a very consise summary of Christian faith, including incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection.

To everyone who participated in this week's Writing Prompt, great job!

Getting Ready For Christmas

I hope people are ready to start thinking about Christmas, because tomorrow (Sunday) we begin a month-long sequence of Christmas Writing Prompts. Some of these are fun (one involves Santa and his elves), some are more serious, some are poetry and some are prose.

And, of course, you don't have to do the writing prompt - it's there to help you get started, but I'm also enjoying reading stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the writing prompt at all!

Posted by Douglas, Nov 24, 2007

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