Books As Christmas Presents

Some gift ideas for those who want to get books for friends and family members as Christmas presents
Posted by Douglas, Nov 20, 2007


Books As Christmas Presents

Posted by Douglas, Nov 20, 2007
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It's actually a couple days before Thanksgiving, and I probably won't be on the site much for the next few days, so I thought I'd post a little pre-Christmas shopping advice and recommendations.

For Children
If you are shopping for children who are old enough to appreciate fine, clever artwork, and a bit of a mystery, I'd recommend either of the following books: Anamalia and The Eleventh Hour. Actually, who am I kidding? These aren't just for kids! I got these for Christmas when I was an adult and I love them! I refer to them as "picture books for people who are too old for picture books".

For Teens
A lot of teens these days seem to be fascinated by both Science Fiction and Fantasy. Unfortunately, there's an awful lot of drivel that gets popular while really amazing writing gets forgotten. Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising Series is an amazing set of fantasy stories filled with Aurthurian mythology. If you saw the movie "The Seeker", and were disappointed, don't worry - that movie actually had very little relation to the book on which it was supposedly based. For the Science Fiction lovers, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game is always at the top of my list. In my mind, this ranks above Azimov, Clarke, and any other "greats" in the field.

For Adults
Of course, adults will enjoy the items I mentioned in the "teen" section, but I do have a couple recommendations for those who might like to think a bit deeper. Shusaku Endo's The Samurai is not a swashbuckling tale; it's loosely based on the true story of a Japanese delegation to the New World, and a samurai who was forced to come to grips with faith in a time of religious persecution.

And for those who enjoy poetry...yesterday I wrote a memorial poem for Constance Hunting (In Memory Of Constance Hunting), who was once named poet laureate of Indiana, but spent much of her adult life in Maine. She was my Creative Writing professor, back in the 80's. I did find out that some of her writing is still available; here is a link to her collection of poetry from 1969 to 1998 : Natural Things by Constance Hunting. For anyone who likes poetry, that would make a nice Christmas gift.

Finally, to wrap this up, I did want to mention that on Friday of this week, Amazon is having their Black Friday Deals - a way to get some Christmas shopping done without ever leaving the comfort of your home on one of the most wildly hectic shopping days of the year.

Posted by Douglas, Nov 20, 2007

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