Guidelines And Instructions For Teachers

Writing Prompts at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction: Instructions and guidelines for teachers using the site in the classroom
Posted by Douglas, Nov 4, 2007


Guidelines And Instructions For Teachers

Posted by Douglas, Nov 4, 2007
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The Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction website is a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom. There are two excellent ways to use the site, as described below. First, however, here are some general guidelines:

General Guidelines

Please note that you should not allow your students to log in using your account. They must either create their own account, or use the Anonymous Posting option for writing assignments.

Also, you should be aware that you will not have the option of making your students' writings visible on the site. The writings belong to your students, and the decision to publish is theirs. If they are at least 13 years of age, and they have a writing account, they may choose to make their writing public for anyone to see.

Finally, you should be aware that this site is used by students in elementary classrooms, as young as second or third grade. Because young children are browsing this site on a regular basis, all writings which are publicly posted must be "G" rated (or "E" for Everyone). If any of your students do writings which contain profanity, sexual content, or graphic violence, advise them not to make these items public. If they do, their accounts will be blocked, which may cause inconvenience for future writing assignments.

Having said all that, here are two ways of using the site in your classroom.

The Weekly Writing Prompt

Once per week a new Writing Prompt is posted on the site. You can find that prompt by visiting this page: The Weekly Writing Prompt. The easiest way for you to use this site is to set aside time each week for your students to visit the site and do the writing prompt. Please note that in order to do the Weekly Prompt, your students must register on the site.

Create Your Own Writing Prompt

Under the "My Page" section of the site, click the Teacher link.

Click the "New Writing Prompt" link.

Enter a title for your writing prompt.

Specify the first date on which your students are permitted to do the assignment, as well as the last date on which your students are permitted to do the assignment.

Type the writing instructions for your students, then click 'Submit'.

The page that appears shows information on your new writing prompt. There is a section titled "Student Instructions". You can copy and paste these instructions into a word processor and print them for your students.

What The Student Sees
When your students follow your instructions, if they have a writing account already they can login, and do the assignment. If they don't have a writing account, they can either create one (very fast and easy to do - doesn't even require an email address, or any other personally identifiable information!) OR they can choose to do the assignment without creating an account.

The disadvantage to writing without an account is that once they have submitted their writing, they cannot edit it, and they can never again access it in any way.

Viewing Student Writings
Return to the Teacher page, and click on the name of your writing prompt. If students have responded to your Writing Prompt, you will see their writings in a list. Each item will open in a new window, and you can read what your students have written.

Posted by Douglas, Nov 4, 2007

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