Popularity, Subscribers, Links, Teacher Info

A handful of updates on the FMOF site, including popularity features, subscriber lists, member and gallery links, and some teacher information
Posted by Douglas, Nov 1, 2007


Popularity, Subscribers, Links, Teacher Info

Posted by Douglas, Nov 1, 2007
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Good morning! Just a small handful of updates for the site this morning.

First: It is now possible to view a writer's writing list ordered by popularity. If you visit a writer's profile page, directly under their list of recent writings you will see a link that says either "View writing by [author] ordered by popularity" or "More writing by [author]". Just click that link and you'll see their writings with most popular items listed first.

Obviously, writers with only one piece of writing on the site can't have their writings sorted, so this link will not be visible.

Second: In the "My Neighbors" section of the site you will now see a link titled "My Subscribers". This link shows you all the people who have subscribed to your writing. (Thanks to Katie for requesting this feature!)

If anyone is wondering who has the most subscribers, the answer is (surprisingly) not Rabbit Stu (sorry, Rabbit!). It's the Evil Dictator. I think everyone is afraid of the Wrath of Doug if they don't subscribe to my writing. :)

After that the next most-subscribed authors are Josiah Twitchell, Rabbit Stu, and Laura.

Third: You may have noticed that every Writer page and every Gallery page now has an added piece of text near the top, that looks like this: ID = #, where # is some number. You can use this ID # to link to another piece of writing. Let's say you wrote this piece here: My Completely Awful and Backwards Day, and you wanted to tell everyone that the "kleenex" idea came from this piece of writing: A Miserable, Awful And Terrible Day. Then you could post a comment something like this:

"I got the kleenex idea from [gallery=214], written by [member=4]"

When you post that, it'll get converted into links to the writing and the writer. If you're not sure you've got it right, be sure to "Preview" your post first to make sure it shows up as a link.

Fourth: Just for teachers. There is now an "Anonymous Posting" feature. If you create a writing prompt for your students, they do not have to create a member account in order to do the writing prompt. When they get to the login screen there will be an option to do your writing prompt without logging in. Please make sure your students understand that if they use this option they will not be able to edit the writing once they submit it, and they will never be able to make it public. Once it's submitted, it's forever lost to them - the teacher is the only one who will be able to see it.

And, along those lines, last week we had a teacher who allowed his/her students to write using the teacher's writing account. This is a very bad idea. Read here for more information.

Thanks for wading through this information - if any of these updates don't work right, drop me a note here, or use the feedback form!

Posted by Douglas, Nov 1, 2007


Josiah T.
Nov 1, 2007
Nice! Great idea about the subscribers, I'd kinda been wondering how many I had. :-P

Awesome feature! I'd been wondering if you were going to comment on what my post was in response to. Now you don't have to. :-PPP
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Nov 1, 2007
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