Remember Me, Profile Link, Writer Search

Three additions and fixes: Remember Me, Profile Link, and writer search
Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2007


Remember Me, Profile Link, Writer Search

Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2007
This post was written in 6 minutes.

I don't like to post two news items back to back, for fear people will miss one of them. So if you haven't read about Favorites, click here.

Now, I just wanted to point out a few more modifications for your convenience and pleasure...

1. There have been a couple complaints about login problems. Specifically, people were clicking 'Remember Me' and the site wasn't remembering them. I believe that issue is resolved now. If you were experiencing that problem, please post a comment here to let me know whether it's resolved.

2. Notice that when you visit "My Page", you should see a link to your profile. A couple people suggested it would be nice to be able to quickly access your own profile page without looking for it on the Writers page.

3. Another feature has been added to the Writers page. After the list of writers, there is a search box which you can use to find one or more writers based on their Display Name.

4. Also, when you visit the Gallery page, you will notice there is now an option to display the most popular items on the site. This is based, of course, on a top secret algorithm, so don't even ask how it's calculated. ;) Currently the top ranked piece of writing is Janee's Synchronized Swinging

Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2007


Oct 19, 2007
The login problem does appear to be resolved. It is keeping me logged in now.
   ~Posted by Lynnde, Oct 19, 2007
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