Favorites and the Reading List

New 'Favorites' feature lets you mark posts as favorite. New features added to the Reading List as well.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 18, 2007


Favorites and the Reading List

Posted by Douglas, Oct 18, 2007
This post was written in 11 minutes.

Thanks to some suggestions from Lynnde, I spent a chunk of my morning adding some new features to the site. Let me tell you what they are.

  1. You now have the capability to add someone to your reading list directly from a post. If I'm reading Janee's Fable about a Squirrel, and I think to myself, "I want to know whenever Janee posts something new," at the bottom of her post I just click the link that says "Add writer to my Reading List". From then on, all their new posts appear in my Reading List.

  2. You can remove someone from your Reading List the same way.

  3. If you click on a post in your Reading List, it automatically is marked as "read". However, if you don't have time to finish it then, or you want to come back to it again later, you can click "Mark as unread" to return it to your "Unread Items" list.

  4. You now have the ability to add a particular piece of writing to your "Favorites" list. You'll find the "Add to Favorites" link right next to the other links mentioned here. By marking a post as "favorite", it shows up on your profile page, so you (and others!) can find the writings.

  5. If an item is already in your Favorites list, you can click the "Remove from Favorites" link to remove it.

Thanks to Lynnde for stirring up these ideas!

Posted by Douglas, Oct 18, 2007

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