Writing Anthologies, ShoStoWriMo

Information about this year's anthology, next year's anthology, and ShoStoWriMo (Short Story Writing Month)
Posted by Douglas, Oct 7, 2008


Writing Anthologies, ShoStoWriMo

Posted by Douglas, Oct 7, 2008
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Hello everyone! It's been quite a long while since I posted anything in the blog, and I was reminded recently by Hannah that I ought to give everyone an update on the 2007 Fifteen Minute Anthology. So I'll take a minute to do that, plus add some other important information about the site.

2007 Fifteen Minute Anthology

I got my last round of edits and corrections from my editors about three weeks ago, and that list of corrections has been sitting in an email impatiently waiting for me to get around to it. Either today or tomorrow I will be reviewing that last set of edits, and then requesting my first "preview" copy of the book to give it one last look-through.

If all is good with the test copy, I expect that the anthology will be available for people to purchase by the last week of October - in plenty of time for Christmas!

2008 Anthology...Already??

Yes, it's close to time to start thinking about next year's anthology. In January I'm going to ask writers to select from their list of writings the pieces they want the editors to review for possible inclusion in the next anthology. For some of you, this will be very easy; you'll be able to just use the "popularity" ranking on your pieces to select the best ones. Others of you will have a slightly harder time, because you're part of rings of friends who just give each other 5 stars on everything regardless of how good it is. This makes your popularity rankings completely meaningless (I'm sure your friends thought they were doing you a favor, but they really weren't...). If you're part of one of those rings, I would suggest that you get some unbiased people to read your stories and poems and give you honest opinions, to help you decide which pieces you want us to look at for possible inclusion in the anthology.

I mention this now, because with only two months left in 2008, it would be a very good idea to start going back through the things you've written this year and start "tweaking" them - fixing grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, etc. This coming year our editors will have more material to review, and therefore will be spending far less time helping you fix your writing.


On another subject, I wanted to remind you all that, for most of the amateur writing world, next month is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. For us, though, we're going to think of this as ShoStoWriMo - Short Story Writing Month. Most of us write fairly short pieces on this site, which gives a lot of good practice in writing, but doesn't give us much space to flesh out characters and plot line. In November, there will be just one writing prompt: to write a complete short story, in several installments through the month.

If you plan to do that, I would encourage you to start thinking now about what your story will be about, who your main character will be, the conflict and resolution of the story, whose point of view you will use - all those kinds of decisions which you should make before you start writing.

Posted by Douglas, Oct 7, 2008

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