Writing Prompts, Short Stories, a Riddle

Information about upcoming writing prompts, including our November 'short story' month.
Posted by Douglas, Aug 16, 2008


Writing Prompts, Short Stories, a Riddle

Posted by Douglas, Aug 16, 2008
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Good morning everyone! I'm finally back home after my summer away (and by the way, in case you're wondering, I had a great time teaching at a variety of camps for children and teens around the state of Maine), so I thought I'd post a notice here mentioning some things of interest on the site.

First, we only have one more week of Alphabet Soup - we're going up to the Letter 'M'. After that, we go back to some less open-ended writing prompts. If you are new to the site, and haven't seen anything but the Alphabet Soup writing prompts, you can, from any prompt page, click "Index" to see a list of all our previous writing prompts.

In the "All About Writing" section of the Discussion Forum there is a thread titled "Writing Prompts." If you have ideas for writing prompts you can post them there, and I just might use them!

In the "All About Writing" section of the Forum, you'll also see a thread titled "NaNoWriMo vs ShoStoWriMo", which is a fairly cryptic title. You should take a moment to read that, as it explains something different we'll be doing for writing prompts during the month of November. It's something you'll want to start thinking about long before November arrives. I've already started planning in my mind what I'm going to do for that month's writing prompts!

Two days ago I wrote a piece which is a riddle: Steadfast Mutes, and some of you have been having fun trying to guess the solution. The first (and so far only) person to solve the riddle was pastorjon. Congrats, pastorjon! This coming weekend I'll post the answer to the riddle, for those who want to know.

Posted by Douglas, Aug 16, 2008

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