Fixing A Glitch, and Some Search Statistics

A small issue with the Neighborhood sytem, and some interesting search phrase statistics
Posted by Douglas, Oct 13, 2007


Fixing A Glitch, and Some Search Statistics

Posted by Douglas, Oct 13, 2007
This post was written in 16 minutes.

Just one minor update here. I've temporarily disabled the feature which allows you to simultaneously post a comment and invite someone to join your neighborhood. There was a glitch with how that worked (which hopefully most of you never noticed). I'll let you know when that is resolved. Probably at the same time I'll be adding in some improvements to the Neighbor system...things like prioritizing items to read in your neighborhood (for example, if Rabbit Stu is your favorite author, you could specify that anything new he writes always shows up at the top of your to-read list)...a few other things like that.

Okay, that's it for news. So you can go back to your regularly scheduled writing and reading. Or you can keep reading for something a bit amusing.

Occasionally I peek at the site statistics to see how many page views the site is getting, how many visitors, and the search phrases people are finding the site with.

The search phrases are often quite interesting. Here are just a few.

First, a few people have found the site by searching in Google for phrases like "writing prompts", "poetry prompts", and "weekly writing prompts". This is quite natural, since the site does have writing prompts on a weekly basis. Interestingly, with over 4 million web pages that have the words "weekly", "writing", and "prompts", Google ranks Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction as the fifth website for that search phrase.

After that, things get a bit more amusing. Here are a few phrases people have found this site with (see if you can figure out whose writing each of these phrases goes with!):

flying through clouds
william goes shopping (who searches for that, anyway???)
time flies poems
a friend moving away
sunrise time in cadillac mountain
fibonacci poem
pronounce deus ex machina

And then my two personal favorites...

If you run a search in google for the following phrase: what are the three middle names of the prince of wales, your first search result is an installment of the "Pet Rock" story. I sincerely hope that the searcher wasn't a student doing a research paper who proceeded to list the Prince of Wales' middle names as Willis and Gregory (or Gertrude!)

And finally , with thanks to Rabbit Stu, the most commonly used search term by which people find this site is...

(drumroll please)


Apparently no one can spell rhinoceros, and everyone misspells it the same way! :D

Posted by Douglas, Oct 13, 2007


Oct 13, 2007
I've also added the capability for members to post comments on news items.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Oct 13, 2007

Rabbit Stu
Oct 13, 2007
Rhinonceros? Did I do that?

Well, hey, at least I'm driving traffic to the site!

I wunder wat els I kyn mispel.
   ~Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 13, 2007

Josiah T.
Oct 13, 2007
Wow. Had to try it just to see if it worked. Wow.

   ~Posted by Josiah T., Oct 13, 2007

Oct 13, 2007
lol! Yay for Rabbit! :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Oct 13, 2007

Oct 13, 2007
I had to read that twice to realize that rhinoceros was spelled incorrectly!
   ~Posted by Milton, Oct 13, 2007
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