New Writing This Week

Some nice pieces of writing that were posted this week.
Posted by Douglas, Jul 5, 2008


New Writing This Week

Posted by Douglas, Jul 5, 2008
This post was written in 5 minutes.

Happy Independence Day (a day late) for all the members from the US. I just got back from a week as camp pastor at a camp for teens here in Maine.

I wanted to direct your attention to a couple of the really nice pieces that were written this week, which I've just added to the Featured Gallery.

One is a fun piece that really made me chuckle: The New Yorker and the Oyster. I think you'll get a kick out of that one.

Another really nice one that showed up this week is Perennial, which is a poem about flowers, but really is much more than that. This is a more serious sort of piece, and reminded me of another one which was posted a month or so ago, which carries the same theme, but presents it with a very different word picture: Dance With Me

I hope you enjoy these pieces of writing, and keep up the good writing, everyone!

Posted by Douglas, Jul 5, 2008

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