Messaging System and other Tweaks

New messaging system, and other adjustments to functionality and appearance
Posted by Douglas, Oct 10, 2007


Messaging System and other Tweaks

Posted by Douglas, Oct 10, 2007
This post was written in 8 minutes.

Once more there have been some tweaks on the site. The major tweak was a result of noticing a few days ago that sometimes a situation like this would arise:

  1. Member A writes a post
  2. Member B reads the post, and comments
  3. Member A reads B's comment, and then responds with a question to B
  4. Since B has already read this post, he never returns to it, and therefore never notices that A has asked him a question.

Here's an example: Trent's Post

So now here's what Trent could do...instead of clicking the "Comment" button (which posts a comment on his own writing), he can click the "message" button (the envelope), or go to Josiah's home page and click the "send message" link. Now when he writes a message, instead of appearing on his post, it appears on Josiah's profile page, and Josiah gets a notice that Trent has sent him a message.

Messaging is only permitted between neighbors.

Please Note: at this time, ALL posted messages are visible to the public. There is currently no such thing as a "private message". This may change at some point in the future, but for now, all messages are public.

There are a few other tweaks here and when someone posts a new comment, it shows up in your "Tasks" page, so even if you have shut off email notifications, when you visit your tasks page, you'll see the new messages.

Also, the appearance of comments has changed a bit.

I think that's about it!

Posted by Douglas, Oct 10, 2007

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