New Menu Structure

The menu structure on the site has changed a bit, and some new features added
Posted by Douglas, Oct 9, 2007


New Menu Structure

Posted by Douglas, Oct 9, 2007
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You probably have noticed that the structure of the site changed a little bit this morning. Now instead of a "My Writing", "My Neighborhood" and "Options" link at the top of the page, there is now a "My Page" link.

This "My Page" link sends you to your "Writing" page, but also has links to a variety of other features, including your pending tasks, your neighbors, your options, plus two NEW items.

You'll notice there is a "Teacher" link. This is for teachers to create writing prompts for their students. Of course, you don't have to be a teacher to use this feature - you could create a writing prompt for your friends, and have a little contest to see who can write the most interesting/creative piece in response to your writing prompt.

The other new feature is the "Statistics" page, which shows you a few details like how many posts you've written, how many stars you've been awarded, and how many people have commented on your posts.

I'm always interested in hearing ideas for improving/streamlining/adding features to the site, so if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, just click the Feedback link.

Posted by Douglas, Oct 9, 2007

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