Editorial Review and a New Sidebar

Information on requesting review, and the sidebar on the right that displays your Reading List and Featured Writing.
Posted by Douglas, Apr 29, 2008


Editorial Review and a New Sidebar

Posted by Douglas, Apr 29, 2008
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Just a friendly reminder: if you have pieces of writing you would like us to look at for inclusion in the anthology, tomorrow is the last day of April, so you must submit that list to me before Thursday!

On May 1st I'm setting the editors loose on the pieces that have been submitted for us to look at.

You may submit up to three pieces.

They must be pieces which were written before March 10, 2008.

Post a message to my profile page listing the pieces you would like us to look at.

On A Different Subject - Please take note of the sidebar on the right, which displays the "Featured Writing", and also (for people who are logged in) your reading list. You no longer need to keep switching back to your "Neighbor" page to see the items in your Reading List. I'm finding that makes it much easier to use.

If you haven't set up a Reading List (or if your reading list is currently empty) you'll see a "more information" link on the sidebar, which will explain how to add authors to your Reading List.

If you have any problems with the updates, just send me a message to ask for help!


Posted by Douglas, Apr 29, 2008

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