Discussion Threads, Spell Checker, Description Field

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Posted by Douglas, Apr 7, 2008


Discussion Threads, Spell Checker, Description Field

Posted by Douglas, Apr 7, 2008
This post was written in 25 minutes.

I just got home from a weekend in New Hampshire, where I was speaking at Monadnock Bible Conference, at a "Fathers & Sons" weekend camp. Had a great time, but it's good to be back home.

For anyone who is interested, I posted a couple new threads in the All About Writing section of the forum. One of these is about Writing Dialogue, and one is about Punctuation.

Also, Sylvan Sylph has started a thread on Formatting.

I hope those are useful. Add to them if you like!

Last week I upgraded Firefox and discovered - to my delight - that I now have a built in spell checker in my web browser. If your web browser doesn't have a spell checker, consider switching to one that does - it's a great help!

A couple weeks ago someone asked me why there's a "Description" field when you're editing the details of your writing piece.

That description is there for two reasons:

1. Search engines like Google use it to help organize its search results. When you leave it blank it is far less likely that people will find your writing through a search engine.

2. Most people don't have time to read everything on the site, which means they mostly stick to their reading list, and occasionally scan through the "recent" list. That description field is your way of appealing to their curiosity and getting them to click the link to your writing.

For myself, it takes about ten to twenty seconds to write a description, and I consider it to be worthwhile time; if I'm going to take the time to write something, I certainly want as many people as possible to read it, and that twenty seconds is a small price to pay for the extra readership I'll get.

Posted by Douglas, Apr 7, 2008

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