My Home Page, My Favorite Books

New features in your Profile section; you can now tell everyone your home page and your favorite books!
Posted by Douglas, Oct 6, 2007


My Home Page, My Favorite Books

Posted by Douglas, Oct 6, 2007
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Two new features were added this morning. Both of them are accessed by visiting the My Profile page, located under the Options heading.

When you edit your profile, you should see two new spaces for you to enter information about yourself.

Home Page
This is a chance for you to direct people to your personal blog, home page, or some site you particularly enjoy. Just type in the web address of the site, and it will appear on your Writer's Page.

Favorite Books
Of course! Since we're all enjoying writing, it would make sense that we want to tell people what our favorite books are! In the favorite books section, just put book titles, and put semicolons between them. For example, you might put:

The Chronicles Of Narnia; The Holy Bible; Dragonriders Of Pern

On your Writer Page, what you enter will be converted into links to

If you put a book title in your Favorites, and it doesn't show up on the Amazon page, you can help Amazon figure out what book you're talking about by adding the author's name. For example, on my home page, you'll see that one of my entries is:

The Samurai (Shusaku Endo)

There are lots of books about Samurai, but only one by Shusaku Endo, so adding the author's name helps Amazon figure out what book I meant.

Any questions? Fire me off an email!

Posted by Douglas, Oct 6, 2007

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