Grab Bag Writing Prompts

Grab Bag is a randomly generated writing prompt that authors can use to get started writing an essay, story or poem.

Grab Bag Writing Prompts

Have you ever done a bag skit? That's a fun drama exercise in which a team of actors is given a bag containing a variety of unrelated objects, and they are required to put together a short skit which makes use of all the objects in a sensible or funny way.

Grab Bag is the writing version of a bag skit. You get to decide how many words you want in your bag, and the computer will generate a writing prompt for you using randomly selected words and/or phrases from its list. Use that random word list as your starting point, and write a story, essay, or poem which uses all the words.

Your Grab Bag

Write a poem, an essay, or a story which makes use of all of the following words.


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