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Rain, Gloom and Boom!!!: My first story
Posted by SpringOnion, Jul 2, 2012. 1191 views. ID = 5743

Rain, Gloom and Boom!!!

Posted by SpringOnion, Jul 2, 2012. 1191 views. ID = 5743
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Little Sparkly was trying hard to get a peep of the weather outside of their rucksack. She was so relieved to see that it was still raining hard and prayed that it would continue to do so. She shouted to her family who were cuddled together that they may have few more days to live.!

Her eldest, knightly looking brother Rocky jumped with fury hearing this. The whole point of our creator was to make people smile seeing us dance with fire with a whole lot of grace and glow and die. Living every moment, waiting for the rain to decide our fate makes me sick!

The grumpy looking Snaky was thinking and talking to himself 'Why does it matter how we die? We end up making the air and water polluted and there are tons of people who hate us and a lot of little birds and animals scared to death by us. I wish I wasn't born'

The calm and serene gramma Fountana smiled and got a little philosophical. Why not see the bright side and wonder at the imagination of men and women, in whose thought we were born and be grateful to those, who found the right way to give us shape and colors and characters. May be some day, someone will find a way to create a totally harmless version of us! It doesn't matter what each of us think or when the rain is going to stop. We are family and let's enjoy the time with each other!

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 3 readers.
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Jul 8, 2012
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