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zumba: another attempt at sestina
Posted by alilee, Mar 22, 2012. 1835 views. ID = 5485


Posted by alilee, Mar 22, 2012. 1835 views. ID = 5485
This post was written in 62 minutes.
every stanza ends with the same six words in a different prescribed order. The last envoi uses two of the words in each line

Combining exercise with latin dance
the sounds of music pulsing in my mind
my body to the beat begins to sway
my feet and arms are moving very fast
to try to keep myself timed to the beat
whilst trying to learn the skill of zumba

we start by marching to sounds of zumba
concentrating on the formula dance
listening intently,absorbing beat
to capture the moves deep within our mind
watching our trainer move so very fast
in perfect time her arms do gently sway

Whilst our unbalanced moves cause us to sway
unsuccessful in attempts to zumba
the music seeming to be much too fast
for us to follow in the latin dance
our bodies slower than the aging mind
coordinating poorly with the beat

In spite of this we're smiling ,set to beat
our bodies uncoordinated sway
enjoyment and alertness in our mind
as we try to learn the art of zumba
the fun of exercise combined with dance
In time we hope it will not seem so fast

The hour of lesson whizzes by so fast
our bodies feeling tired and very beat
unable now to keep up with the dance
at last cool down wth slower sway
the end of class and slow down zumba
allowing relaxation of the mind

A chat with those who share a kindred mind
discussing how the session went too fast
and how we all enjoy to learn to zumba
and love to hear the latin music beat
deciding that attendance will not sway
as we all enjoy the exercise with dance

so if minds inactivity to beat
tied fast and held in sedentary sway
discover zumba and the joy of dance.

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