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Sharing....: this is something based on intimacy
Posted by Chilly, Feb 27, 2009. 3731 views. ID = 2395


Posted by Chilly, Feb 27, 2009. 3731 views. ID = 2395
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For N... she inspires me
This post has been awarded 39 stars by 10 readers.

Sharing one umbrella
We have to hold each other
'Round the waist to keep together

You ask me why I'm smiling
It's because I'm thinking.......

I want it to rain forever

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This post has been awarded 39 stars by 10 readers.
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Feb 28, 2009
Nice poem! And welcome to the site. :)

I don't know if you intended it, but you have a fairly solid iambic meter (every other syllable stressed) until you get to the very last line.

If you wanted to make the last line iambic as well, it would be a fairly easy fix - something like "I want the rain to last forever" would do the job.

I'm adding this poem to the featured gallery.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Feb 28, 2009

Feb 28, 2009
I love this! So simple, yet it says a lot.
   ~Posted by Laura, Feb 28, 2009

Mar 2, 2009
I love the thought!
   ~Posted by MrPhysics, Mar 2, 2009

Sep 24, 2009
really good . It really made me feel that I was there.
   ~Posted by erika, Sep 24, 2009

Nov 2, 2009
I love this. Not only does it make me feel like I'm on the street with them, witnessing the moment, it makes me wish I were one of them. Very simple, but exactly how it should be. :)
   ~Posted by Audrey_E_Marquis, Nov 2, 2009

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