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The Spires of Oxford (County): A poem having to do with the beauty we are surrounded with here in Maine.
Posted by lostcerebellum, Mar 28, 2008. 1260 views. ID = 970

The Spires of Oxford (County)

Posted by lostcerebellum, Mar 28, 2008. 1260 views. ID = 970
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I wrote this to my daughter while she was at college in Ohio. Tired of looking at miles of cornfields, she was homesick for the scenery of Maine, so I sent her this, which is a takeoff on one of my favorite poems, “The Spires of Oxford”, by Winifred M. Letts. Winifred’s poem is about the young men of Oxford University giving up their youth and lives in “The Great War”, and is so somber and touching that I almost hate to base something as light as this on it. I almost feel like I’m desecrating it. You really ought to look her poem up and read it.

And yes, my daughter is now in grad school in an area that has trees, and mountains, and good things like that.
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I saw the spires of Oxford
As I was driving by,
The green spires of Oxford
Against an azure sky.
My heart went out to my dear girl
With spires of corn nearby.

The years go fast in Oxford
The golden years and gay,
The trees and mountains loom above
While careless children play.
But Lisa’s stuck at Cedarville,
Ohio, far away.

She left our lovely vistas,
It must have made her sob,
To go off to a place where all
The scenery’s a blob,
But that’s the price you have to pay
To get a better job.

God bless my poor, dejected, girl.
I hope you’re not too down.
You gave up all the beauty here
To take the cap and gown.
God bring you to a fairer place
That’s more like Oxford’s towns.

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This post has been awarded 25 stars by 6 readers.


Sylvan Sylph
Mar 28, 2008
Aw, I love poems written for me. :) Even if I'm not sure I rate quite the same as the young men of Oxford.
   ~Posted by Sylvan Sylph, Mar 28, 2008

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