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Too Much Baggage: life
Posted by HeyJude, Mar 25, 2008. 1623 views. ID = 911

Too Much Baggage

Posted by HeyJude, Mar 25, 2008. 1623 views. ID = 911
This post was written in 22 minutes.
the burdens of life are often too heavy to carry
and need we tote them around with us everywhere we go??
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Too Much Baggage???

We each one carry with us emotional baggage, with the exception of the very young, the blissfully naive and those whose lives, regardless of age, are young at heart.

In my journey on the byways of life, I occasionally ask myself
when will I learn to live and let live.
During a recent extensive air travel, I noted several things about my carry-on baggage. Hopefully my tendency to "free-associate" does not leave you perplexed with the analogy.

. much of my carry-on-baggage was unnecessary
. carry-on baggage, much like a child, required careful constant watching.
. fellow travelers on occassion had to help me
. the longer I carried my baggage, the heavier it weighted my shoulders
. I was certain I could not trust my camera and lens to "Checked Luggage"
. on one small plane the carry-on-baggage would not fit into the overhead bin, so
my carry-on (yes, camera and lens) was gate checked. I shuddered as I watched a handler TOSS it on a pile of luggage (there goes my lens! and camera!)
. I nearly lost a decade of my life (watching the "toss-scene")
. however my worries were for naught, as come next birthday, I am but a year older.
. for the trip home, I chose to lighten the load and actually enjoyed the journey
. I alone must make the decision to lighten the weight of my carry-on-baggage.

Judy Crausbay

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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Mar 26, 2008
HeyJude! :) Welcome to the site. This is a nice, thought provoking piece. Just a quick suggestion for you - people will find your writing easier to read if you make sure there aren't any extra carriage returns in your piece (except between paragraphs - there should be 2 carriage returns between paragraphs). But when you've got carriage returns in the middle of a sentence, it makes it hard to read.

If you want to edit your writing, go to 'My Page' and click the 'pen' icon next to the piece you want to edit.

I look forward to seeing what else you have to share!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Mar 26, 2008

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