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The Week In Review: The days of the week, and which one I like best
Posted by Marilyn, Mar 22, 2008. 1425 views. ID = 900

The Week In Review

Posted by Marilyn, Mar 22, 2008. 1425 views. ID = 900
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I don't like Monday or Tuesday, because those are the start of the school week and it seems like it will be forever until the weekend. When Wednesday comes around I'm starting to think, "oh, the weekend isn't too far away," and at noontime on Wednesday I think "halfway through!"

Thursday is okay, except that's the day my mother (who teaches history) has her faculty meetings, and so I have to sit around and wait for her to get done so we can go home. I know I could take the bus, but I don't like it because the bus driver is a grump and the kids are noisy and stupid.

Then there's Friday, which is great, except that it seems to drag on forever and ever. Amazing how long the last two hours of school can last.

But when school is over, I get to go hang out at a friend's house, or they come to my house and we can do whatever we want - well, within reason (big grin), and we stay up late and watch a movie, and nobody asks us if we've done our homework yet.

That's my favorite time of the week.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 4 readers.
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Mar 26, 2008
Ah, I remember those days! :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Mar 26, 2008

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