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What I'm meant to Be: This is a poem about a girl who realizes she doesn't have to hide her true self
Posted by Skylar, Mar 16, 2008. 1579 views. ID = 839

What I'm meant to Be

Posted by Skylar, Mar 16, 2008. 1579 views. ID = 839
This post was written in 14 minutes.
This is one of the first poems I wrote a couple years ago . . . . hope you like it
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As I wake and take my head off my pillow I think about this upcoming day.
I begin to straighten my wavy brown hair
Why does it matter who really cares?

I throw on my favorite old wrangler blue jeans
Next I put on my cowboy boots that my brother bought me
I dig through my drawers and put on my best rodeo shirt
Then I find myself looking in the mirror

I grin the widest smile you'd ever seen
I laugh joyously at the sight of my cowgirl self
And then it hit me

All these years of my life I've hidden behind clothes and money for fear of being disapproved of.
I've hidden the true me behind a mask of make-up and all sorts of things for what?
So I am not different from everyone else.

As I grip my horses reins I wait for the starting bell
It rings aloud
I kick into my thorough breds sides
He races around three barrels then back to the start

I won a ribbon for my fast horse
But I knew there was something better than this

Not beauty wealth clothes or winning a ribbon
It's being me what I'm really meant to be.

As I lay my head to rest I sleepily wonder
What will the others say when I come to school in boots
But all I know is this is me
What I am meant to be

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This post has been awarded 22 stars by 5 readers.
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