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Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 3): Fantasy Story
Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 15, 2008. 1541 views. ID = 837

Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 3)

Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 15, 2008. 1541 views. ID = 837
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this is what i call the "fluff" of the story...stuff i added that i had never really thought of until i was halfway done writing it...but, it's ok...i guess
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This post is Part 5 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal.

“W-What?” Luke aroused from his slumber and sat up. He was in a bed in a secret abandoned laboratory. He recognized it immediately; it was the place where his brother Mark and he had played as kids. It was about 6 years ago…

“Luke, come in here…look at this place. No one’s here, we can make this our new clubhouse.” Unfortunately that was also the place where Mark died…3 years later…

Mark was pretending that he was an astronaut; pushing every button he could, accidentally turning one of the machines on. Unmistakably, he had activated the laser cannon Luke now saw before him. Luke turned only to see a cold lifeless fourteen-year-old body fall to the ground. Luke was only nine at the time, and that was more than he could take. He ran home only to find his apartment building reduced to rubble by a powerful black energy warrior. Luke ran full throttle back to the abandoned lab and hid. However, when he awoke he held no aggression towards this black beast. His spirit had been calmed…

Luke now knew why, Zach had found him while he was sleeping and placed that bracelet on him. It stopped Luke’s anger from taking form as his spirit-human form. Although he wasn’t sure for what reason, Luke knew Zach wanted all the spirit-humans on his side. Before he could finish his thought Kais walked in…

“Sleep well?” He asked not even turning to face Luke. He seemed disturbed, stressed, and restless; as though he had been awake while Luke was sleeping doing some difficult exercise. At any rate, Luke was ready to train with Kais and he was willing to let himself be heard.

“When do I start training?” He asked eager to kick some butt. Immediately Kais turned and charged up a “Static bomb,” as it was called, and pointed it at Luke.

“It begins now!” He declared evilly, and aimed the static bomb at Luke. Reacting as fast as he knew how Luke cried:

“Power up!” Purple energy shot out in beams from his belt at increments revealing only half of his human self. The beams then shifted to one direction and stopped so that the other half of his body was visible, but not his human body: his spirit body. This not only changed his outfit but his hair color, changing it from its gleaming blonde to a still vibrant purple. The energy beams pulled in and charged him up to full fighting strength, ready for action. He took a fighting stance and…

“Spirit Strength!” Luke cried and he thrust himself at Kais. Not a moment before he would’ve hit Kais, Kais dodged it. That was something he did not expect, but he was still ready.

“Spirit Speed!” He cried as he thrust himself at Kais once more. Kais barely dodged that one, but this time he shot the ‘Static Bomb’ at Luke. However, by now Luke was moving so fast Kais, “Missed by a mile,” and Luke ran up a wall. He then shoved off the wall and, doing a back flip in mid-air, landing behind Kais.

“Vorpal Bomb!” He cried and after a moment he shot the laser at Kais, causing him to fly into the wall; but not before he hurled his staff at ‘The Purple Power.’ Once Luke revived from his trance and saw the staff whirling at him, he leapt up and let out a terrified yell that tapped into his spirit energy and sent a ‘Sonic Surge’ through every electrical device within ten feet in front of him. It also disrupted the staff’s power, causing it to fall to the ground as harmless as a stick. After emerging from this trance Luke noticed that everything lay in ruins, everything in front of him that is.

“What happened?” He inquired of Kais.

“You,” responded Kais calmly, “You happened…and you destroyed what I spent 2 years creating, well actually this part only took 6 months, but it hurts all the same!” If he could’ve seen Kais’ face he would’ve known he was crying, but he veiled his face quite well.
“You will pay for what you’ve done!” He burst out in anger, then he stated more calmly, “But I’ll let go of my anger…for the time being.” Suddenly a working machine sounded an alarm. “It’s the other spirit-humans, they’re attacking the city. Here take this communicator and go!” Kais handed Luke a small metal earpiece and Luke took to the skies as fast as he could.

“Good,” Kais said quietly to him self, “that will give me some time to fix this mess!”

As Luke flew toward the city, the laboratory was a few miles from town; he began to wonder what would’ve happened had Zach never placed that bracelet on him.

Would I be corrupted? He thought, would I be stronger as a hero, or would my anger have destroyed me…? He was approaching the city and it would require all of his focus and effort to defeat the other spirit-humans. So he put his confusion out of his mind for the time being.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.
This post is Part 5 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal. The next part of this series can be found here: Beyond the Paranormal End of Chapter 2.

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