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So alone: Someone feeling solo in life?
Posted by Cheri, Mar 13, 2008. 1923 views. ID = 826

So alone

Posted by Cheri, Mar 13, 2008. 1923 views. ID = 826
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I wrote this one time when I felt like I was the only one in the world that didn't matter...
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What are my true thoughts? I guess you never knew,
I've known you all my life...and yet-I don't know you,

No use in trying to play my best, you always end up winning,
you have pierced my heart and the pain is always stinging,

I'm ony the ouside looking in, I feel I always lose,
You've hurt my feelings and left me with a staining bruise,

I hoped I'd get a letter, or just a plain good word,
but as I think that twice I think the thought is just ubsurd,

Just when I think I've found them, the one who's always there,
they turn around and walk away like they never even cared,

People are like cowbirds, they leave and don't return,
they've left me in a fiery pit and leave me there to burn!

Life can be abusive, like you're getting a "speach beating",
I'm glad when the day is done, but it all just keeps repeating,

My life is a rope with undending knots,
I'm pretending I'm happy but have no happy thoughts,

I know there is a time for everything, but in a time for sorrow it seems the clock has stopped,
I'm slamming on a door but no one seems to hear my knock.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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